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About Pastor Voycell Neal


Voycell Neal is a graduate of Rust College with a major in Education. She has over 15 years of experience teaching math and adult education in public and private schools.  As a military dependent wife, her teaching privilege extends beyond the United States. 


In 2002, Pastor Voycell was ordained and served as Assistant Pastor to Pastor Jeremiah McGhee at Mt. Sinai Church in Omaha, Nebraska until 2008. From December 2008, she served as interim pastor until she was installed as pastor in October 2010. Her gifts of administration, teaching, intercessory prayer, and other gifts are continuing to be revealed.


For approximately thirty years, this humble servant of Jesus Christ has lovingly served the Body of Christ. She is known for her deep devotion to the Lord, spending the majority of her time in fervent prayer. Her passion for God’s Word, combined with her love of teaching, has made her a strong minister of the Gospel.


Being called and set apart by the Word of God and The Holy Spirit, Pastor Voycell is driven by the zeal within her to serve in whatever capacity God directs her.  She is also dedicated to helping others see their lives ultimately transformed by the incredible Power of God.


Pastor Voycell is the wife of a supportive husband, retired Master Sergeant Steven Neal, who himself, serves on the Mt Sinai leadership team.  She is also the mother of two wonderful adult sons, Joseph (Joe) and Timothy (Tim), and she is a grandmother.

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