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Board of Directors

Pastor Voycell Neal

Pastor Neal normally chairs the Board Meetings.  She is  a believer of team leadership and directs the church accordingly.  She possesses strong teaching and administrative skills. She is also very strong in the area of intercession.  Pastor Neal enjoys seeing the whole body working together in unity to accomplish God's purposes for the church.


Pastor Neal's office hours are from 12:30 pm until 5:00 pm every Tuesday.



Steve Neal


Steve Neal is the husband of Pastor Voycell Neal.   His primary ministry is the Financial Secretary.  He is also a  Facilitator for Christian Education and a driver for the Transportation ministry.  Steve also functions as a trustee whenever required.  Steve is always handy and available to assist the  the church with ongoing requirements as well as assisting members of the body with personal needs.

Maxine Hodges

Maxine Hodges serves as the Vice President of the Church, overseeing the several ministries  that include Drama, Hospitality, City Transformation, and the Panera Bread ministry  She also works with the Financial Management team and is a Christian Education facilitator.  She has a heart for foreign missions and has been a member of several foreign ministry teams.  She is also very involved with Drama and Dance ministry.

Shawn Booker


Shawn Booker serves as the Worship leader. She enjoys singing praises to our Lord and ushering in His presence. She leads the Drama  and Dance team ministries in producing artistic innovative ways of sharing the gospel.  Many lives have been touched by the  presentations she has directed.

Tyray Booker


Tyray Booker serves as the church Treasurer. He is the youngest of our Board members.  He enjoys singing and is part of the Worship team. He has a dynamic voice that draws you into the Lord's presence.  He also works in many other areas, including Drama ministry.

Lisa Bendon


Lisa Bendon as Assistant Administrator.  She is active in Christian Education and in  Dance, Drama and Hospitality and Panera Bread ministries. Lisa has  willing heart to serve wherever needed. Additionally she serves as  a Greeter during morning worship and welcomes all guests with a hearty and loving smile.

Anita Whitney


Anita Whitney serves as Administrator.  She works closely with the Pastor and Vice President to ensure all necessary correspondence is completed in a timely manner.  Anita is active in Dance and Drama ministries. 

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