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Mount Sinai Church History


Mt. Sinai Baptist Church was organized on May 5, 1963 in the home of Reverend Eddie and Sister Trudie Robinson at 1553 N. 19th Street.  There were only 11 members at this time, and they were present at this organization. Reverend C.W. Walker, Pastor of St. Matthew Baptist Church, presided over the organizational meeting, and Sister Lucille Williams was the initial secretary.  Reverend Eddie Robinson was voted in as Pastor.  Reverend Walker suggested the church be called Mt. Sinai Baptist Church; this name was voted on and approved by those present.


The members found a building on May 19, 1963.  The location was 1322 N. 24th Street in Omaha. Mt. Sinai Baptist Church held its first worship service at this location. 


In October of 1969, the building at 4504 Bedford Avenue was purchased.  The Mt. Sinai Baptist Church congregation moved into the building on February 2, 1970.  Pastor Robinson had a vision that the building would be paid for, a steeple placed on it, a baptism pool added, and the lot for parking would be paved.


On February 17, 1978, Pastor Robinson passed away. Reverend Robert Sherman was voted in as the next pastor.  During his pastorate, a new roof was installed on the building.  Pastor Sherman passed away on February 1, 1981. 


In May of 1981, Reverend E.L. Alexander was voted in as pastor. During his pastorate, the building was paid for, and the baptism pool was added.  Pastor Alexander served until 1987.                 


In July of 1989, Minister Jeremiah McGhee became pastor.  During his pastorate, the church basement was renovated to include additional classrooms, a 15-passenger van was purchased, the east parking lot was purchased, the sanctuary was completely renovated, and a number of other improvements were made to the building.  Additionally, several ministries were developed that were designed to help the members mature in faith and become actively involved in the community. 


In 2000, the name Mt. Sinai Baptist Church was changed to Mt. Sinai Church.  This change was intended to make the church more inclusive and to be receptive to those of other denominations.  In 2002, Pastor McGhee appointed and ordained Sister Voycell Neal as the assistant to the pastor of Mt. Sinai Church.  This was the first time in the church's history that a woman received such an appointment. 


On November 22, 2008, Pastor Jeremiah McGhee resigned his pastorate of Mt. Sinai Church.  Having shepherded the flock for 19 years, Pastor McGhee stated he had led the church as far as he could and he was releasing it to the hands of God.


On November 24, 2008, Assistant Pastor Voycell Neal became the interim pastor for Mt. Sinai Church, overseeing the pastoral duties during this transitional period.  Pastor Neal’s strong teaching and administrative gifts have set the church on a path of change and order. Mt. Sinai's focus is one of prayer and humility.


On October 31, 2010, Voycell Neal was installed as the pastor of Mt. Sinai Church.  She continues to lead  and guide the church in the direction of God's call.  The members continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of who they are in Christ Jesus.

God has built a team of wiling servants, and He continues to add such as He wills.  We are many members, but only one body, and we humbly strive to serve as one. 

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